Clay Station Pumping Plant

Clay Station Pumping Plant construction

About the Clay Station Pumping Plant

The Clay Station Pumping Plant is a new 100 million gallon per day (MGD) pumping plant. Construction of the pumping plant includes the following

  • A reinforced-concrete pumping plant building approximately 46 ft wide x 194 ft long with related piping. Installation of four 1750 hp vertical turbine pumps and motors. (Two of the four pumps will be controlled by variable frequency drives. )
  • A reinforced-concrete intake structure on the existing Folsom South Canal.
  • Site piping and valves, including an 84" diameter ML&CS suction header and 72" ML&CS discharge header.
  • A 200,000-gallon, 144-foot diameter underground steel surge tank.
  • A 69 kV transmission substation with SF6 main circuit breakers, isolating switches, metering unit, structures, and load-tap changing power transformer.
  • An asphalt driveway and parking areas for the pumping plant and landscaping around the pumping plant.

General Information

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