Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

Intake facility

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The Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant is the largest project ever undertaken by the Water Agency with constructions costs totaling over $200 million.  This plant can treat up to 50 million gallons of drinking water per day and will ultimately expand to treat up to 100 million gallons per day -- roughly equivalent to 100 thousand homes and businesses.

Until now, nearly all of the water delivered to Water Agency customers has been groundwater pumped from underground aquifers. Recognizing the importance of wise management of the region’s groundwater, the Water Agency has focused long-term planning efforts on two things:

  • Securing rights and entitlements to surface water supplies and
  • Constructing the infrastructure to deliver that surface water to reduce demand for groundwater

These planning goals will be achieved with the construction of the Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant which will treat to drinking water quality water diverted from the Sacramento River through the new Freeport Regional Water Authority intake facility. The ability to deliver a substantial surface water supply will reduce demand for groundwater and allow aquifers to naturally replenish, helping to preserve our precious groundwater resources for future users.

For additional information about the Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant, please contact the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources: 916-874-6851.