Intake Facility

Intake Facility - July 24, 2009

About Intake Facility

The new water intake facility and pumping plant located on the Sacramento River, upstream of the town of Freeport, will divert water and pump it through pipelines to other FRWP facilities. Eight vertical turbine pumps with 2,000 horsepower electric induction motors will have the capacity to pump up to 185 million gallons of water per day. Components of the facility include an in-river intake fish screen, sheet-piled in-river transition structure, electrical substation, surge control facility, compressed air system, sediment collection and settling basin system, and utilities. FRWA constructed a slurry wall on the levee in the South Pocket area of Sacramento order to strengthen it, in advance of scheduled levee improvements by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A landscaped buffer is being maintained between homes adjacent to the facility property and the structures. FRWA commissioned a regional artist to design an art and poetry wall on the front of the intake facility structure.

General Information


Current Activities

Intake Pump Building
Construction of the Intake Pump Building is complete.
Intake Site Activities
Landscaping of the buffer area is currently taking place.